RSS reader for the command line


A featureless rss reader, with a single goal in mind:


Clone this repository using fossil:

$ fossil clone rss.fossil
$ mkdir rss
$ cd rss
$ fossil open ../rss.fossil


$ rss -h
RSS reader for the command line
Usage: rss [options]
        -l            : list feeds
        -a <feedlink> : add feed
        -d <feedlink> : delete feed
        -b            : browse unread items
        -f            : flush unread items as read
        -r            : refresh items


Add a feed

$ rss -a

List available feeds

$ rss -l
		"title": "Emacs café",
		"description": "A blog about Emacs, mostly focused on JavaScript development, by Nicolas Petton.",
		"link": "",
		"feedlink": ""

Refresh rss items

Update items from rss feeds, then list unread items:

$ rss -r
		"title": "Introducing Elbank",
		"description": "Elbank is a new Emacs package I’ve been working on lately. It’s a personal finances and budgeting package for Emacs that uses Weboob for scraping data from bank websites.",
		"published": "2017-11-30T14:28:00+01:00",
		"guid": "",
		"link": ""
		"title": "beginend.el",
		"description": "Thank you Nicolas for letting me borrow (again) your blog to talk about my work. This time, this will not only be my work, but the one of Matus Goljer too (aka Fuco1). Let me present beginend.",
		"published": "2017-08-01T10:38:00+02:00",
		"guid": "",
		"link": ""
		"title": "Indium 0.7 is out!",
		"description": "Indium – the JavaScript development environment for Emacs – version 0.7 was released a few days ago!",
		"published": "2017-07-24T13:40:00+02:00",
		"guid": "",
		"link": ""

Browse unread items

$ rss -b

Unread items are opened in the browser

Flush unread items as read

$ rss -f

Mark every unread item as read.

Combine flags

Flags can be combined in order to refresh/browse/flush items:

$ rss -r -b -f